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[LSP] The Perfect Parent Pose - Family Photoshop Action Set

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This entire set runs super quick and is designed for maximum usability and stunning results. No gimmicks, no unnecessary actions: This all-in-one nondestructive action set takes care of everything when it comes to processing and creating magazine-style family portraits in Photoshop. Red Dads, jaundice Babies and tired Mamas are a thing of the past. Balance your client's portrait with ease and present them with a STUNNING family photograph they are...

Signature Newborn PHOTOSHOP ACTION Collection

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A global best seller with over 80 actions included, this collection intuitively takes care of your entire newborn edit. Adjust them to your own taste and style. These actions will save you time when editing and will enable you to produce beautifully consistent galleries for your clients

[Michael Sasser] Boudoir Photography BUNDLE | Tutorials

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INCLUDED: - Boudoir Video Course - Step by step 7 video series (2+ hours total) + supplemental 39 page eBook with everything you need to use video as an asset. - Boudoir: For Male Photographers - 9 video series (3 hours total) + supplemental 29 page eBook on everything you need to get ahead with your boudoir business. - Boudoir Accelerator Course - 13 video series (4 hours total) + supplemental 32 page eBook on everything you need...

[Lindsay Adler] Posing Pitfalls Tutorials (Video + PDF)

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Posing is an art form that gives you a great deal of power to flatter your subject. A pose can be used to flatter your subject by showcasing and drawing attention to a their strengths, while downplaying any ‘weaknesses’. Unfortunately, small details can ruin an otherwise beautiful pose. These common problems can be unflattering to your subject or create distracting elements that you cannot look away from! No matter ...

[Shutter Evolve] Art of Cityscapes Photography Tutorials

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You will learn 2 new exposure blending techniques that will rapidly and cleanly blend multiple exposures; Deepen your understanding and use of Luminance Masks; Blend vibrant light trails in seconds into your images; Create powerful vignettes that control the viewer’s eye; Create incredible reflections; Use Gradient Maps to add a unique mood to your images; Develop natural, sharp, noise-free cityscapes in Nik HDR Efex; Develop your...

[Visual Wilderness] Photoshop Collection Extended Dynamic Range Tutorials

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What You’ll Learn: Discover tips & techniques for evaluating dynamic range in the field. Find out how to make adjustments in Lightroom/Camera RAW, and Photoshop to balance dynamic range in single exposures. Learn how to use high dynamic range, 32-bit processing in Lightroom or Photoshop. Find out how to use selections and masks for advanced exposure blending techniques in Photoshop. Learn to make tonal adjustments and handle...

[Lindsay Adler] Fine Art Nude Video Series Tutorials

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When it comes to photographing nudes, you must learn to master your tools and techniques as a photographer. Posing and lighting become paramount to your creative expression in order to flatter the nude form. In this 3+ hour tutorial Lindsay Adler walks you through the fundamentals of the core tools available to a fine art nude photographer. After a thorough exploration of these elements, Lindsay demonstrates how nudes become fine...

Infinite Black & White Panel for Photoshop (Win/Mac)

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Infinite Black & White works by manipulating the color channels and the luminosity values of the colors in your image in dramatic ways so that you get a unique array of tonal options. Together, these adjustments create a beautiful and unique end result every time. Be sure and see the video below so you can see it in action! Infinite B&W is designed for professional photographers in every genre who want to tailor a completely unique...

Beloved Stories - Retro by Kim Heck | ACR/LR Presets

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Do you love warm and well balanced retro tones? This is our new Barefoot Retro Collection by Kim Heck for Lightroom and Photoshop! Your pictures will get a strong, earthy and moody look. Furthermore you can use them for your love shots of any condition. Whether you shot indoor, outdoor, in sunny moments or whilst cloudy days – by tweaking the exposure and withe balance you’ll get a great result.

Beloved Stories - Airy Collection | ACR/LR Presets

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This Set is created to make you see the power of slightly different and atmospheric tones. These colors are unique and will make your workflow much easier. The collection is airy, soft, bright and colorful. It counts 1 black and white and 12 color presets for Lightroom & Photoshop. You will find 6 basic presets and in addition, their direct sun version. For the ones who love their images with more contrast – you can use the...

Joey's Master Retouching Kit for PS/LR/CaptureOne

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Joey Wright is a distinguished Miami-based swimwear and lifestyle photographer. As a South Florida native, the beach inevitably became his natural habitat and day-to-day work environment. With a B.A. in Digital Media, he spent several years in the graphic design field before redirecting his creative talents toward photography. His work, primarily trademarked by its tastefully alluring and meticulously detailed quality, always...

Natural Elements Preset Collection | ACR/LR Presets

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A collection of 24 Lightroom and ACR Presets for creating deep and rich tones in your newborn photography. These were created specifically for newborn photography, and include a variety of different types presets in hopes that some will work for all types of lighting and camera setups. These presets will not adjust your white balance, so I recommend applying the first preset, adjusting your white balance and exposure, and then...