Red Giant Universe v2024.2 for NLE | Windows

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Universe 2024 offers more than 50 new Capsule presets for video editors and compositors that will spark their creativity. To make Universe more user-friendly and improve the creative experience, we have also added Chinese and Japanese localization to Universe.

EditReady 23.2 | macOS

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EditReady provides easy, powerful, and fast transcoding for video professionals. Since 2008, EditReady has had your back when your NLE doesn’t support your camera’s file format. And now, it’s ready for RAW.

BorisFX Mocha PRO 2024 + OFX/AE Plugins | macOS

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Mocha Pro is a world-renowned software and plugin for planar motion tracking, 3D tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, image stabilization, and PowerMesh organic warp tracking. Essential to visual effects and post-production, Mocha’s tools have played a vital role in every recent Oscar-nominated film for Best Visual Effects.

Motion Mosh v1.1.0 | AE/Pr Plugins

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Datamosh-esque aesthetics in realtime! Real Interaction, No Export/Import Workflow, GPU Accelerated. Now compatible with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder! MOTION MOSH IS THE NEW GLITCH ON THE BLOCK! With this GPU plugin, you can achieve results similar to datamoshing methods, but realtime, in AE, and without having to export.

Warping Wheels v3.4.0 for Premiere Pro & After Effects | Windows

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Color Wheels with skin tone protection and dedicated wheel controls for skin, sky, greenery and film contrast. With the Look Generator you find always a good starting point for your look. New: Apple Silicon support, cross-host presets toolbar, new controls and much more!

Bleed! v1.5.0 | AE Scripts

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Create a frightening introduction to your horror films, scary movies, trailers, teasers, promotions, events, Facebook and YouTube videos.

Keystone v2.0.2 | AE Scripts

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Align, flip, offset, stretch, color labels... and much more! All the essential tools for keyframes and layers in After Effects. Manipulating keyframes and layers have never been so easy In After Effects, manipulating keyframes and layers can be tedious... With Keystone 2, all essential tasks like aligning, stretching, staggering, color labels and much more are just a click away and grouped in a single extension!

Neat Video Pro v5.5.11 for OFX | Windows

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Neat Video is a powerful video editing plug-in designed to reduce digital noise and other imperfections. It is an extremely effective way to clean up video from any source including video cameras, digitized film, TV tuners and others.

Extrude v1.0.0 | AE Scripts

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Extrude live text, shapes and mask paths in AE. Bring live text layers, shapes & masks to life in a single click with Extrude. Features 2D Directional, Vanishing, or Full 3D extrusions modes.

Nobe Omniscope Pro v1.10.126 | Windows

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Nobe OmniScope is loaded with powerful features that make color grading easy. OmniScope features 13 types of scopes that can be freely arranged and docked in the workspace. Layouts then can be saved and reloaded depending on your project setup. Available for various platforms including OpenFX hosts: DaVinci Resolve as well as Adobe CC: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

PRE Archipelago The Quest FULL Collections 2024 | LR/ACR Presets

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Quest began with the idea of offering more stylistic diversity than ever before, offering new preset and profiles monthly, all while breaking the price barrier. Investing in preset collections has often been a challenge for photographers, so the team at Archipelago wanted to create a platform that made them available to anyone, at an incredible price...

FilmImpact Premium Video Effects v5.2.2 for Premiere Pro (Windows)

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Discover our premium video transitions for Premiere Pro. Film Impact builds smooth, professional, and seamless transitions. Lower your export times with our high-performance render engine. You are in control. Each effect has easy parameter controls, which make them infinitely flexible.