200 Transitions for AE

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200 Cinematic & Organic Transitions. Perfect for: corporate video presentation, slideshow, opener, event promo, dynamic opener, fashion, demoreel, YouTube vlog, presentations, broadcast, photo slide, video blog, and other

This is a unique transitions pack of compositing elements. Can be used alone or combo with other Transitions! in an bright and beautiful transitions. Easy use & great result. Give your projects a unique effects...

FilmConvert Pro V2.20 for OFX (Win64)

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FilmConvert enables you to add film color & grain to your video in a few simple clicks. With a range of market-leading cameras profiled, you can achieve precise, industry leading results even under the tightest deadline. Our intuitive software that takes care of the technology so you, the filmmaker, can focus on creating magical cinematic experiences for your audience. Easily add FilmConvert into your existing workflow and in just a few clicks, you...

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse Pl V3.1.0 for After Effects & Premiere Pro

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The Color Finesse 3 PI plug-in works directly in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and other hosts. You get simple access to color correction directly in the host application as well as via the specialized Color Finesse user interface. Most video editing software now has its own built-in color correction, but it's often limited in capability, accuracy, and performance. Often you'll need to combine several color correction filters to perform even...

TypoKing | Animated Titles & Kinetic Typography Text for Premiere Pro

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With Type Builder, creating high quality text animation & typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects has never been easier.

Type Builder is a FREE plugin that lets you easily create quality text animation and kinetic typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects. Change the color, duration, and font with just a few clicks and get the best text animation & typographical results.

Premiere Pro Guru: Speed Changes (Lynda)

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Edit the pace and the flow of your video with even more confidence than before, after learning how to use Premiere Pro to change the speed of footage with ease. This course explores how to use features and tools in Premiere to freeze frames, blend frames, change frame rate, change clip speed, and even create a clip with variable speeds. Join Jeff Greenberg as he takes you through timeline adjustments, clip speed changes, interpolation with optical...

Cinegy DANIEL2 Adobe Codec Pack V1.0.104 (Win64)

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Traditionally video codecs have been defined by chip makers and not by software developers. Daniel2 is different. It was designed by software developers that for decades had suffered implementing "industry standard" codecs such as MPEG2 or H.264 in software running on ordinary PC hardware, but these had not been created with PC hardware in mind. Daniel2 was designed to be a massively multi-threaded parallel processing software...

QuickTime PRO V7.7.9 (Win Only)

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QuickTime is a powerful, reliable, and flexible foundation for the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences. But that's just the beginning. With QuickTime 7 Pro, third-party plug-ins, and QuickTime streaming solutions, you can take your digital media even further.

Codec Guide K-Lite Codec Mega Pack V14.4.0

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The K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codecs, and tools. Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for encoding and decoding audio and video formats. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your audio and movie files. With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular audio and video formats and even several less common formats.

350+ Pack: Transitions, Titles, Sound FX for Premiere Pro (V2.0)

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This is a huge Premiere Pro Pack contains more than 350 creative assets: transitions, animated titles, sound FX, light leaks, geometric shapes, glitch effects, animated backgrounds, light and particle effects, animated ribbons and more. All you need just in one toolkit!

Pixelland Transitions Pack for After Effects

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All transitions work without the need to do Media Placeholders. All you need just place a transition above the layer with the video (drag-and-drop method). Over 600 dynamic After Effects transitions for any video projects: corporate video, corporate presentation, slideshow, opener, event promo, bussines slideshow, dynamic opener, fashion, demoreel, YouTube videos, clean opener, site presentation, broadcast, conference promo...

Quantum HUD and HiTech Elements for Premiere Pro (HiTech HUD Builder)

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Hi-Tech HUD Builder is a cutting-edge Premiere Pro plugin with digital infographics, holograms, modern text animations and stylish transitioning effects. Offering the ultimate HUD packs and assets. Hi-Tech Builder is a powerful Premiere Pro HUD plugin with 9 amazing categories to let you easily create the ultimate Iron Man level futuristic HUD videos and HUD graphics.

Glitch Pro | Essential Glitch Effects Pack for AE

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By adding Glitcher to Adobe After Effects, you can create hundreds of exceptional glitch effects and glitch distortions with just one click. It’s that easy!

To us, creating distortion effects is an art. If you want to create the super-trendy glitch effect in your Adobe After Effects projects just add our glitch effects to your Adobe After Effects plugins and have access to 13 high-quality categories of more than 100 different...